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Subtitling & Captioning

The placement of text under videos is becoming increasingly common. Business videos, movies, documentaries, and more are more frequently adding subtitles or captions depending on the purpose of the footage.

For individuals with hearing impairments, text on screen is extremely important. Adding subtitles is a crucial aspect of making your visual content inclusive and accessible.

What is the difference between subtitling and captioning?

Subtitling makes your visual material accessible to speakers of any language. If people are not proficient in the language spoken in your visual content, they can easily follow the spoken words on screen by using subtitles in their own language.

Captioning provides access for viewers who have difficulties hearing or are deaf. The spoken words and any relevant sounds are displayed in a full verbatim format (generally), allowing individuals with hearing difficulties to easily follow the visuals.

Our team takes your subtitling needs seriously and is ready to work on your videos.

We primarily work in Dutch and English. However, we can also provide subtitles from the following languages to Dutch and/or English:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Flemish
  • Turkish
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